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Since iTunes 11, I have had a very frustrating issue that has yet to be fixed.


In previous versions of iTunes, when in song sort view, the list view would stay where you left it at when returning to the view from another playlist or store view. For example, if I was looking at "Gorillaz" in Library, then went to the Store, then clicked back on Library, I would still be looking at the same set of "Gorillaz" songs I had left the view at.


Now, when I leave a list view and return to it, it automatically jumps to the top of the playlist view.  For example, if I was looking at "Gorillaz" again, then went to the Store and back, the list will have reset to the top of whatever sort I had set, in my case alphabetically by artist, so it would begin from "A".


Anyone else having this issue and has Apple said anything about fixing this very annoying inconvenience.



Solved by turingtest2 on May 17, 2013 12:43 PM Solved

This seems to be fixed in 11.0.3.