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I'm trying to work on a newsletter idea for someone, but I'm running into a small, but big issue with Pages. In InDesign, I can create an image box, size it, then place the image later. Have I missed something, or does Pages lack this capability? I'm currently working with '09, so it might have been added in a later version, but since this is the only thing I'm using it for, I don't want to buy the next version unless I absolutely have to.

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    Yes, you can create image placeholders. If you look at the included templates, almost every image is a placeholder. Insert an image, any image, in your document & then select it & resize it if you want. Now go to Format > Advanced > Define as Media Placeholder. You can then drag & drop any image which will be resized to fit.


    placeholder 1.png



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    The essential difference to Indesign is that Pages must have an image in a Placeholder, it can't be empty.


    You could use a plain colored image or a graphic with a cross in it as that image to simulate the appearnce of Indesign.