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I have created a word processing document in Pages with 2 columns.  I can not seem to move the cursor from column 1 to column 2.

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  • Barry Level 7 (29,976 points)

    Columns in a word processor document continue to the bottom of the page. When text fills the left column, it continues from the top of the second column.


    You can force a jump to the next column before the end of the column by inserting a column break. Go Insert > Column Break.

    Picture 11.png



  • Yellowbox Level 6 (8,989 points)

    Hi Jim,


    You can't type anything in the second column until the first column fills and spills to the second column.


    If Barry's suggestion of a column break does not suit your need, perhaps a two-column table will. A table is also easier to line up items in the two columns if that is what you want. Hide the table cell borders if you wish.




  • jimhaynes Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks, it is a two column document I am developing.