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We use Final Cut 7 extensively...have an

iMac (4GB, 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo w/ OS X Lion 10.7.5.   Has a 1TB HD with 435 GB available)

MacPro (8GB, 1066 MHz DDR3, 2 x 2.4 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon, OS X Lion 10.7.5.   Has a 1TB Hard drive with 538 GB available)


We share a networked serveras storage for most projects.


Things have been crazy bad the past couple months...Final Cut keeps crashing, stalling (The dreaded hour glass) and I'm not sure why.  Also time to render graphics and video have been horrendous..falling behind on projects due to all this craziness. 


I'm not the most technical oriented, so if something basic glares out at you guys & gals, please mention it...not sure what of the above info is relevant, but please ask if you need more info.  I did copy the Print Log sent to me after the last crash, but not really sure how to read it). 


Anyone have this issue with a quick fix?   



MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1.1
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    I don't know whether this will help but it's always worth doing before delving deeper.


    Have you tried trashing the preferences?


    Many weird things happen as a result of corrupt preferences which can create a vast range of different symptoms, so whenever FCP 7 stops working properly in any way, trashing the preferences should be the first thing you do using this free app.




    Shut down FCP 7, open PreferenceManager and in the window that appears:-


    1. Ensure that only  FCP 7  is selected.


    2. Click Trash


    The job is done instantly and you can re-open FCP 7.


    There is absolutely no danger in trashing preferences and you can do it as often as you like.


    The preferences are kept separately from FCP 7 and if there aren't any when FCP 7 opens it automatically creates new ones  .  .  .  instantly.



    APOLOGY: I was in the wrong forum.





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    We need more information about your video:


    Where is the video (and render files) stored?  If it's on the boot drive, that could very well be contributing to the problem.


    What format is the video you're editing?  Formats which don't work natively in FCP, like H.264, can cause a lot of issues that you're describing.


    Does the video match your Sequence settings in FCP?  Not matching means a lot of rendering will be required for playback.


    Are there any still images in your Sequence?  All still images must be in RGB Color Mode.  Images in CMYK, Grayscale or Indexed Color Modes can cause FCP to crash.


    If you want to  analyze the crash log, this app can help: http://www.digitalrebellion.com/promaintenance/



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    The crash Analyzer gave me this relavent line:


    6 com.apple.FinalCutPro 0x0045f74f RenderFXTreeNode(XXGlobals*, EffectTree*, long, unsigned char, KGQTCanvasFormat, long, Output*) + 1505


    Does this help at all?