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I bought a brand new MackBook Pro at a local store here in Panama, and that very same day it got stolen from me, at gun point, without even opening it.


I needed a computer badly (Im a Dj) and Its what me and my family support on moneywise..!! since i did not have much more money I bought a second handed Macbook Pro serial number W8******1XW (2.5GHZ Core 2 Duo / 2gb / 512mb vram 250gb  5400 rpm ) Set up my Virtual Dj Pro Full software (Paid one) 

and have been using it for a few weeks,( The only thing I actually use it for is Dj) everything was running great, but today I got a message that I needed to update my Adobe ) I Hit Continue and proceeded to Upgrade, when the file downloaded I doble clicked on the file and a message stated (Upgrade sucessfull) I continued to check some email on a couple of marriges that where asking for my Dj service on their wedding... I responded de emailes and proceeded to turn off my computer...  In the evening I decided to check my email again and came to the surprice that my computer does not turn on at all.... The led light turns on Bright and 1 sec goes by and it turns off...


Power Cord is perfect

Battery charges all the way (Hit the battery button and 4 Lights light up)

I can hear the fan and hard drive try to start up but they turn off as well right away

screen is completly black and nothing absolutily happens...  I have 5 dj contracts this week and I do not have a computer that I can use..!! My home, my kids and I depend on what I do..  Please Help me..!! I have been on a Internet Cafe for the past 4 or 5 hours reading forums and trying everything they say and nothing seems to help.


Please I need help quickly.


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