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  • tomergold Level 1 Level 1

    so what my serial should be like to get the replacement ? can someone call and ask ?

  • NMMacGuy Level 1 Level 1

    My Apple TV serial number qualifies for replacement.  It was purchased directly from apple in March 2012.   However when I call apple support they say I can't even talk to anyone without an AppleCare agreement for $20.   Who can i talk to to get this replaced???  Is there a different number to call besides 1-800-my-apple?   Should I go to my local apple store directly (75 miles away)?

  • sping123 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue, couldn't talked a live AppleCare agent on the phone without an AppleCare agreement. I even don't have a local Apple Store close by.  So, I went to one of the Apple premium resellers and asked for a replacement instead.  They looked up the serial number, and it matched the requirment.  Now, I am waiting for the replacement to arrive at the reseller store.  It will take couple days...

  • Simon - Peter Level 1 Level 1

    I am happy to report that the replacement programme for the Apple TV is still in effect.


    I returned my faulty Apple TV today (error code -3906) to Stormfront, an Apple Premium Reseller in the UK, and they confirmed that it was eligible for replacement.


    My Apple TV's serial number ended with DRHN and had the relevant alphanumerics in the fourth and fifth positions, not the third and fourth, as stated above.


    As per previous posts, the unit could not be swapped in-store; I will have to return to collect the replacement when it arrives.


    Staff were excellent and very helpful. Things they asked:

    • Had I run a software update? (Yes - installed via iTunes)
    • Were other devices able to connect? (Yes)

    They then tested the device's ability to connect to wifi in-store; it failed with error code -3906.


    Hope this helps someone else!

  • WillDyde Level 1 Level 1



    I'm in Mexico and Apple Chat support claim that they do not know anything about this AppleTV replacement program.

    My Apple TV  serial ends with  DRHN and that the fourth and fifth letters of the serial number need to contains one of the following:

    H9  HC  HD  HF  HG  HH  HJ  HK  HL  HM  HN  HP  HQ  HR  HT  HV  HW  HX  J1  J2  J3  J4  J5  J6  J7  J8  J9

    So, my Apple TV should be candidate!

    They asked me where did I read about this recall and I mentioned this forum, and they said "user's personal comments" are not valid for a replacement program... I need a page inside apple site mentioning this...


    Does anybody has this official information from apple?



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