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I have a small collection of movies and TV shows in my iTunes Library. Most where bought on iTunes, if not all.

For example, I recently acquired the complete West Wing series. Season 1 to 7 on iTunes.


I can see in the “Get info” that a few tags are use. Tags like Episode ID and Season, name, ect…

I like to know which exact tag does iTunes and Home Sharing uses. Even for the West Wing bought on iTunes, I need to change some tags because they show up in different groups on iTunes and even differently on device looking at my library via Home Sharing.


For example, on iTunes I see 2 different West Wing covers and one has some episodes the other have the rest. On a device looking at it via home sharing they are also spit but in different groups. I would also like to add to the tag the correct season. Since I bought the complete series the episodes are not separated in seasons.


So is there a help guide somewhere that tells me exactly how iTunes and Home Sharing uses those tags and which one I should use to get a good grouping / ordering?

Should I use Episode ID like I often see it “S1EP12” for example?



PC, Windows 8, Main PC runing iTunes