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I have read many guides on how to do the the above question but using different routers and on older firmware (2011 was the latest I have found), but I was wondering if someone could kindly help me to use my AirPort Extreme to extend the wireless network of my Asus RT-N56U. I have to use the Asus as the main router because it also needs to send the cable signal to my settop box (Singtel).


I'm using mountain lion, so I have the latest airport utility app.

The Asus has the latest firmware and the special requirements for the tv signal.


Any help is much appreciated.

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    Unfortunately, Apple has designed their routers to only "extend a wireless network" when they are used with other Apple routers.


    As far as I know and have tested, the "extend" feature is not compatible with devices from other manufacturers.


    So, while I suppose that anything is possible,  it would also be extremely unlikely that the AirPort Extreme could be configured to "extend" the Asus network wirelessly.

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    Thanks for the fast reply bob.


    I can totally understand why you would say that, but like I said, I have read many forums now with the details on how to do this with older firmware and different 3rd party routers.


    This one in particular leads me to believe this is very possible indeed, you just need to know how to set all the settings.



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    The User Tip you referenced does not address using an Extreme to "extend" a wireless network. It merely explains how to configure an AirPort Express to join an existing wireless network for the purposes of using it for remote AirPlay streaming. That is a trivial application and as it says, the Express can join a non-AirPort wireless network in exactly the same manner that Macs can join a non-AirPort wireless network.


    The User Tip does not address using an Extreme at all.


    You asked if you can extend the wireless network of your Asus RT-N56U. It is not clear whether you intend to accomplish this wirelessly, that is, without an Ethernet connection between it and your non-Apple router. If that is what you intended, then as Bob wrote it is not possible.


    Assuming the Asus router has an available LAN port you can connect the two with an Ethernet cable, and you will have "extended" your network by virtue of adding the Extreme as an additional access point. Unfortunately Apple's choice of the "extend" terminology makes this distinction less than clear.

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    Ok, I see what I've done there, my apologies Bob.


    Ok, well that really *****. I love my AirPort Extreme and express and the airplay, but there is no way for me to remove the Asus from the system as I need it for the TV, what a pain.


    Bit of a long shot, but Is there anyway to use the AirPort Extreme instead of the asus, and have it send the signal to my set top box? IPTV I think it is. I live in singapore and have fibre optic broadband  which also brings the cable tv signal in with it.


    Any ideas?

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    If you could connect an Ethernet cable from a LAN <-> port on the Asus router to the WAN "O" port on the AirPort Extreme, that would allow you to re-configure the AirPort Extreme to provide a second wireless network.


    If you configured the AirPort Extreme's wireless network to use the exact same wireless network name, same wireless security settings, and same password as the Asus wireless network, then the Exteme would effectively extend the Asus wireless network.


    The downside here is that you must hard wire the AirPort Extreme to the Asus router.


    Then, the AirPort Express would be able to wirelessly extend the wireless signal produced by the AirPort Extreme.


    Here, I am assuming that both your AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express are recent 802.11n versions of the product.

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    Bob I have a similar configuration, one router ASUS (which is the gateway to Internet and DHCP server) and an Airport Extreme configured as a bridge. I have hardwired one LAN port on the ASUS to the WAN port on the Airport but currently the ASUS wireless is turned off.


    I want to extend the wireless coverage provided by the Airport. If I turned on the wireless on the ASUS router and check the box allowing the wireless network to be extended on the Airport, will the two routers function properly?


    If so... Who will be in charge of the handover? Will I lost the 5GHz capability of the Airport? (my ASUS router is a 2.4GHz N router). Do I have to enable WDS on the ASUS or do I have to configure it as a common AP?


    Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your help.

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    I want to extend the wireless coverage provided by the Airport. If I turned on the wireless on the ASUS router and check the box allowing the wireless network to be extended on the Airport, will the two routers function properly?


    How far is the AirPort Extreme located from the Asus router?


    You do understand that the AirPort must be connected to the Asus router using the wired Ethernet cable connection that you have now, correct?

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    Hi, the routers are on different rooms, almost 20m apart.


    Yes I understand that the two routers must be connected through an Ethernet cable.

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    Thanks for the clarification.


    No need to check the box next to "Allow this network to be extended" for the AirPort Extreme since that setting is only used with other Apple routers that are extending wirelessly. But, no harm to leave the box checked if you want to.


    The trick will be to turn on the Asus wireless function and configure the device to provide a wireless signal using exactly the same settings that are in use on the AirPort Extreme for the following:


    1) Wireless network name

    2) Wireless network password

    3) Wireless network security


    This will allow the Asus router to provide more wireless signal coverage in the area where it is located. Once configured, you will be able to "walk" a laptop from one area to another and the laptop will stay on the same wireless network while it automatically picks up the stronger signal from the AirPort or the Asus router depending on its location in relation to each router.

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    This question is for Bob Timmons specifically as it seems to me he has the best understanding and explanations associated to my particular situation!



    I have searched and read all I can associated to pairing my current ASUS router (newer model of rt-n66u) with an Airport Extreme (a1354).  Because i know NOTHING about networking - I'm going to try to give you every detail that I think you might need in order to help with my question.


    Connections in the following order.... ISP (Comcast) to Modem (Motorola...sorry don't know model, I'm currently at another location) to Router 1 (Asus rt-n66u) to Router/Bridge/whatever it should be called here (Airport Extreme a1354).


    Connection to be hard wired Ethernet from an Asus LAN port to the WAN port of the Airport.  The physical location of the Airport is actually in another building.


    The goal is seamless wireless connectivity with the best signal AND speed between the two places.


    I THINK, based on most of your posts that I should set up everything to be identical as far as signal settings (ID, PW...).  Please confirm that suspicion.


    My biggest question is, if I set up the Airport Extreme as a bridge - could you let me know the exact settings on the utility (some say to do something with IPV6, etc.)?  Recall I know NOTHING about this stuff - just been reading for hours!!


    Also, is there any concern with double NAT settings (if so, what do I do with that "stuff"?)?


    Sorry if my question is so vague - asking for you to baby step me through.  It just seems that everyone that has ever written about this stuff gives a piece, but not all of the info.  I need it all from a reliable source - which, obviously I have decided is you!!


    Thanks in advance!

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    Try using the airport utility on a PC or Mac, sounds like you are using the utilily on a mobile device, hope this helps