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I have been unable to access two sites, my godaddy webmail and the godaddy support page, since yesterday. I've contacted both godaddy and comcast (my ISP), and neither one have been able to help me. I can access those sites on my iphone when I stop using my wifi and just the 3G phone network, so that let's me know it's not an issue on godaddy's end. I've rebooted my computer several times, tried a different computer in my house, cleared my browser cache, used three different browsers, had a refresh signal sent from comcast, reinstalled my router, and nothing seems to work. It was suggested to me that I may need to clear my computer's DNS cache, I used a command I found online for Snow Leopard, but it didn't seem to work. When I visit the websites, even after rebooting, clearing browser cache, etc., it is still showing those webpages as previously visited links.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)