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I've copied my media folder from one NAS drive to another. I've moved my library file. I've set the new location of the media file in Preferences. I've consolidated the library. iTunes still insists in looking at the old location, though. Any ideas?

Airport Express, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Setting the preference in the Advanced preferences only sets where iTunes will put new content. That does not change where it looks for existing content. You should never manually move folders unless you intend to rebuild your library. Otherwise you break the connections iTunes has to the files. The way you should move tracks is to avoid moving things yourself, set the location for the iTunes Media/Music folder in the Advanced preferences, and then use the Consolidate command. iTunes will move the tracks to the new location itself and update the path names in its database file.


    As it is now, you may be able to recover by moving the media folder back to its original location. If that restores the connections, then confirm that the location in the Advanced preferences is where you want it to be now, then use the Consolidate command again.



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    Thanks for a superbly clear explanation - I'd got very confused reading posts elsewhere.


    I'd still got the old files in the old location, so all is well. Consolidating is now happening, and it's copying files correctly.


    Thanks again.

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    Glad it seems to be working out. Cheers.

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    Hi. I have the same problem now, but despite consolidating, every time i restart my computer, the media files return to the original location. Is there any other step i might have missed?