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I'm running FCP 7 in Mountain Lion and I've just noticed that the 'Match Hue' selection tool keeps giving me the same colour (usually black or grey) and will not allow me to balance colour between two shots. The selection tools for the Blacks, Mids, and Whites won't work either.


I recently installed Magic Bullet Suite, but after talking with their support it seems that's not the issue. I've trashed my FCP preferances but this didn't help.


I'm at a loss! Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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    Did you trash preferences using Digitial Rebellion's free Preferences Manager?


    If not, download it and have it get rid of the prefs associated with FCP.


    That said, Mountain Lion is two full OSX generations beyond the last update for FCP7 so some quircks are not unanticipated.


    Good luck.



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    Thanks for that! I'll try the preference manager and let you know how I get on.


    Thanks again!