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I have 3 Mac Lion Servers, and am trying to get Radius authentication to work with a few Airport Express access points. I have gotten everything setup, but the authentication doesn't work when Radius gets started after a restart or by turning off and on the service through Server Admin or when running the   radiusconfig -start   command. Radius authentication does work when I use the   radiusd -X   command to debug. Of course the radiusd -X command also keeps it running in a terminal window and outputs a lot of data to standard out.


I should also state that looking at the launch dameon it is setup to start radius with the command    radiusd -sf     my understanding is that the radiusd -X is essentially a radiusd -sfxx   so I don't know why one would work and the other one wouldn't.


Does anyone know what is causing it to work when it is started in a debug mode but not a regular mode?

Mac OS X (10.7.5)