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I am trying to configure a proxy on my two Apple TVs (gen 2 and 3) but I am not able to deploy the profiles in Apple Configurator. I follow the steps in the instructions in HT5439 and HT5437 but when I press the Prepare button I get the error message "Missing required iOS file". I have the latest iOS, OS X and Apple Configurator versions.


The console show this:


4/16/13 10:24:28.417 PM Apple Configurator[79396]: WARN - 565264ms Required IPSW is not in the library. We will attempt to download from the server. (/SourceCache/AppleConfigurationUtility/AppleConfigurationUtility-169/Applicati on/Models/CDDevicePolicy.m:272)

4/16/13 10:24:28.420 PM Apple Configurator[79396]: WARN - 565266ms No usable IPSW provided for this device type (/SourceCache/AppleConfigurationUtility/AppleConfigurationUtility-169/Applicati on/Controllers/CDDeviceController+InstallOS.m:331)

4/16/13 10:24:28.420 PM Apple Configurator[79396]: ERROR - 565267ms Apply policy of ECID:1905306414412 failed: Error Domain=com.apple.configurator.ErrorDomain Code=2002 "No iOS file was provided for this device type." (/SourceCache/AppleConfigurationUtility/AppleConfigurationUtility-169/Applicati on/Controllers/CDDeviceController.m:520)


Is there anything I can do about it or is it a bug?

AppleTV 2