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since some weeks (I'm not sure when it began), my MacBook 2007 has become very very slow.

Often it is blocked for a long time, I only see the beach ball spinning and I can do nothing, the system is just unresponsive.


Recently I found one symptom (maybe there are others as well):


The system is blocked for exactly 60 seconds.

I see a line like the following in the console:


16.04.13 22:00:05      /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemUIServer.app/Contents/MacOS/SystemUIServer[1 53]   FCUserCanLogin [92] -- _FCMIGUserCanLogin failed with error 268451843


And its timestamp is always exactly 60 seconds after the last line in the console.

This happened 8 times in the last 30 Minutes - so already one third of the time my computer does not respond at all!!

.. which makes me crazy.


this evening, it occured already 18 times (and the long "breaks" only indicate that I was not at the computer at this time)


16.04.13 18:12:02 

16.04.13 19:28:05 

16.04.13 19:29:05 

16.04.13 19:41:05 

16.04.13 20:57:05 

16.04.13 21:20:05 

16.04.13 21:30:50 

16.04.13 21:31:05 

16.04.13 21:32:05 

16.04.13 21:38:05 

16.04.13 21:39:05 

16.04.13 21:41:05 

16.04.13 21:44:05 

16.04.13 21:48:05 

16.04.13 21:49:05 

16.04.13 21:51:05 

16.04.13 21:58:05 

16.04.13 21:59:05 

16.04.13 22:00:05 


Most of the times (but not always) the timestamp ends with "05" seconds.

I did not recognize another pattern yet, when this happens or if I can directly reproduce it.

Sometimes, it does not reappear for 10 minutes, sometimes it occurs several minutes in sequence...


the strange thing is: I don't see an extremely high CPU usage normally during this.

The CPU usage of other applications changes in activity monitor (which I have always open since those problems occur) and there is 1 GB free RAM while it happens.


I read about the items in the menu bar (right side) which are related to that.

In my case, there are:

Optimal Layout




MobileMe Sync










Any advice is appreciated - like that my MacBook is absolutely unusable!!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 13" 2.16 GHz white '07, 3GB, 500GB