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I found this computer on the street is an old Imac the ones that look like a TV green.How can I create another account to start it?

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    If it's running OSX...


    Reset OS X Password Without an OS X CD...




    Admin Hack...




    Starts up like the first time you buy a new Mac, but after filling in all that info again, you should have access to the computer and the other Users & files will still be there... give the new User a different name than an existing one.

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    When I finish to do This:

    1. Reboot
    2. Hold apple + s down after you hear the chime.
    3. When you get text prompt enter in these terminal commands to create a brand new admin account (hitting return after each line):
      • mount -uw /
      • rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
      • shutdown -h now
      • The computer shutdown by itself and when I turn it on again, nothing has change.
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    Sadly, I think you'll have to find an OSX Install disc.


    f you don't know the model, find the Serial# & use it on one of these sites, but don't post the Serial# here...






    How to find the serial number of your Apple hardware product...



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    You need to figure out the level of your  firmware before installing 10.2 or greater. ( The PC name for firmware is BIOS. ) Installing 10.2 with a down level firmware will most likely make your iMac unusable and difficult to fix.


    What is Open Firmware?

    The firmware on a PPC is called Open Firmware. Open Firmware software receives control when you poweron your machine.  It does some hardware testing and some hardware configuration then passes control to your version of Mac OS.   It reside on a PROM ( program read only memory ) chip on the logic board.


    Open Firmware, boot into Open Firmware.

    Power on your iMac while holding down command+option+o+f

    The first output line contains the firmware level. Mine reads:

    Apple PowerMac4,1 4.1.9f1 BootRom built on 09/14/01 at 13.18.04

    Copyright 1994-2001 Apple Computer Inc.


    On my machine, I have 4.1.9f1.


    What firmware do you need?



    For a slot loading iMac, this article indicates that you need to be running 9.1 or later version of Mac OS Classic.



    "The iMac Firmware Update 4.1.9 will only run on iMac computers with slot-loading CD or DVD drives running Mac OS 9.1 or later from a local drive. If you are using Mac OS X you must boot from a local Mac OS 9.1 or later writeable partition (not a CD, or network disk) prior to following the update instructions."


    You can download the Mac OS 9 updates from the Apple site.