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Hi all,


I am experiencing a new problem with my Sony XDCAM reader or tapes. After ingest, the audio is almost immediately out of sync. This has occurred with the last 3 tapes I've ingested. If I adjust the audio track to match the video, it quickly goes out of sync again a moment or two later. Not having been formally trained or educated with these matters, I'm just not sure how to solve this problem and research here and elsewhere doesnt seem to address this issue.


I'm not sure what kind of details I should provide here to help better trouble shoot the issue, but I am hoping someone more knowledgeable than me can offer some assistance.


Thank you for your time and any assistance,


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    Click on one of your ingested clips in the FCP browser, and once selected, type Command + 9 to see the Item Properties for the clip. Either report those properties, or take a screen shot of the properties and post that here.


    Next, click anywhere in your timeline, and then type Command + 0 {zero}. This will display your Sequence Settings. Either report those settings, or take a screen shot of the Sequence Settings and post that here.


    Describe how your edit system is configured, with what hardware, and how you are storing the ingested media.





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    Hi Meg The Dog,


    Thanks for your helpful response.

    Please see two images below -- Properties 1 and Properties 2 screengrab. Below that is a screen shot of the sequence settings. My edit system is confiigured thusly (I *think*): I ingest the tape into FC7 via Log & Capture, from using a Sony XDCAM reader. I store the ingested media on data drive just for video, in my tower. Please let me know if this information was helpful and what else I might need to do! --Paolo


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    I am confused where the XDCam is involved. XDCam is shot on disc and memory card. You are working with Standard Definition DV. I know that some XDCam cameras can shoot DV, is that the material you are working with here?


    If you are using Log and Capture, and working with tapes, are you perhaps using a DVCam deck? Can you give the make and model number of the deck you are using?