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I have a YouTube channel..  But when I play a youtube video now the screen only flashes share info on for a millisecond.

I used to get blank screen, they clicking below video would open all the info.. NOW nothing happens.

So I cannot share or save to favorites or comment or anything. I just downloaded ll.7 Adobe flash player

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, 13" 2.7
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    Help please anyone with YouTube experience. and/or Adobe Flash Player or whatever!


    I reset my channel to new look. Click on any Youtube to play.  and all the information eg

    to share or mark favorite etc does FLASH on... but only for a millisecond.


    This happened all of last year and had to click below the Video Screen box... anywhere and it would

    show up.  Now nothing.


    How do I get information to show? I know this is an Apple/Flash Player feud or something, but It must work for some with a MAC!

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    FIXED it Folks will leave thread up in case some stumble here.


    It turns out I had downloaded an EXTENSION (I guess some call these plug-ins?)

    That was called CLEANR VIDEOS... Clean all right it wiped all the info out period!.


    Just uninstalled it and now I have a nice MESSY YouTube video screen back with all

    info intact.


    Sorry to bother.