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The steps for Restoring iPod to factory settings mentions a second step with prompts. My iPod seems to be rebooting at around 80% into step 1. It reboots to a screen with the Apple logo then sits there for a long while. Eventually it displays the Language selection screen and reconnects to iTunes, where iTunes says it detects an iPod in recovery mode and must be restored. Then the process repeats.


Does anyone know what to do if the iPod does not continue to step 2 of the restore process?


iPod Classic (120gb) Software Version 2.0.1
Model Number A1238

1) iPod seems fine. Can start it and go to all menus, but as it was previously restored there is nothing on it.
2) When iPod is connected to iTunes a message reads "iTunes has detected an iPod is in recovery mode. You must restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes."
3) When approving the restore a message reads "Your iPod has been restored to factory settings, and is restarting. Please leave your iPod connected. It will appear in iTunes window after it restarts."
4) The iPod displays the Apple logo with a progress bar, then at about 80% the screen goes black then it comes back to the Apple logo it sits there for a long while, occassionally making sounds. (Apparently there is a second stage which the device does not get to.)
5) After sitting for a while it will return to the "Connected" screen. Some times it also shows the language selection screen.
6) iTunes will then acknowledge the iPod and return the message that an iPod in recovery mode is detected and must be restore.
7) Return to 2.



If the iPod gets stuck at some point it can be recovered to the seems fine status by holding the Center and Menu buttons, then plugging it into electric power for a while.


Some advice I have seen online says to keep trying to restore until it eventually works. I have tried this numerous times even on different computers. No luck so far.

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