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Hello all,


I got a new 27" Mac and my daughter got my old 20" Mac from me. When I was finished with the old one, I did a re-write over all the data on the drive with the highest security possible and then re-installed Snow Leopard before I shipped it to her.


She installed Mountain Lion and is trying to install iTunes and all of her music library and she gets a message saying something like "there is already an Apple ID associated with this computer. You cannot download anything for 90 days...". I beliueve it asks if she wants to transfer or cancel.


How is this possible after I did the overwrite on the internal drive? Does it go by the SN of the box? She would like to get it set up, but I cannot help her since I am 700 miles away and she lives nowhere near an Apple Store.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)