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We have a Keynote presentation that is currently set up as 1280 x 720 slide size. Currently the videos are sized the same (h264 mov files). But we are getting more higher-res 1920 x 1080 videos that we want to use. If I place these in the show and resize them to fit, will they play at the highest resolution on a 1080p projector? Or do they get rescaled to 720p?


For maximum image quality, is it best to redo the show in the larger size? I know I'd have to re-edit all the still photos instead of just stretching to fit. And if I go this route, how will older videos in 720 look?


I suspect I'm confusing size and resolution in all of this. And a lot of venues don't have 1080p projectors, seems 720 is still the norm. We just want things to look as good as possible.