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One of the macs in my house got the update yesterday, but the others aren't seeing it from software update and I can't find the download either. All my systems are 10.8.3 and running Safari 6.0.3 right now.


This http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5678 has some notes on how to use the new Java security feature, but didn't have a link either.

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    Same here. I can see it in Software Update, but can't find it on apple.com/downloads. I see the article you mentioned, but there is no download link in that article. I'm increasingly frustrated by the way Apple is making it harder for users to download updates directly from their web site, making us instead use the AppStore app, or software update. Personally, I like to keep an archive of all software updates I apply, and I can't do that using software update or AppStore.

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    My guess is that they are doing a one size fits all in a misguided attempt to make computers easy for the masses. I find this problematic, since there is no non-trivial software without defects. It's nice that Apple is trying to make things easier on everybody, but I wish they would do so without making it more difficult on it's more sophisticated users. I want to be able to control the configuration of my systems without interference.


    Is Apple doing anything to correct this situation in favor of those of us wishing to self manage our systems?

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    Safari 6.0.4 can be installed ONLY via OS X 's built-in Software Update.

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    That's what I was afraid of. And that's what's so darn frustrating. Because this is NOT the Apple way that I've subscribed to since my first Mac Plus back in 1987. Not the Apple way. Remember 'Think Different.' ? Now they don't. And consequently, neither can we.

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    I have since been told about a link to it elsewhere on this forum.




    The link below will allow you to overwrite Safari on an incompatible OS so that neither versions of Safari will function. Most will not recover from this without assistance. Even with my experience it took an hour to find the hidden archived original version and reinstate most things but it will probably need an OS reinstall to properly get back to where I was. This link says which OS the updater is for but it lacks adequate warnings about the consequences of trying it on the wrong OS.


    Safari 6.0.4 for OS 10.8 or later, Intel 64 bit only:



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    at least two users here reported that using an Admin, rather than standard, user account - allowed the update to show up; and that it would  subsequently be visible in the standard account too.