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Please keep the following in mind when answering.


I'm creating a demo movie for a few actors so they can have something to show their friends. This movie will never be released publicly. The demo will have 3 different casts. Let's just say it was a diaster shoot. But, there's a few actors who did great work, and this is so they can show their friends.


There are scenes that have hum when you listen at high volume. If you have the sound at a normal volume you don't even notice it. For instance there's a few scenes in a kitchen where the fridge gives a hum, it's only noticeable when I put the volume at 7 - 10. Which I like to do to hear how the music blends with the dialogue.


Normally you'd fix this for distribution and to make each component as perfect as possible. But, since it's for a demo where it will only be played on a few flat screens would you bother?

Final Cut Pro 6, Mac OS X (10.5.8)