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FCPX constantly crashes when I'm shuttling through clips using Original Media.  Not sure about Proxy.  It seems to have started just with FCP X 10.0.8.  Using an external 1TB 7200RPM OWC drive for my data. Using many multiclips with 1080p30 AVCHD media. The drive is not the culprit, as I have experienced the same issue on multiple drives with multiple events.  I have also been able to smoothly play and edit this footage in all previous incarnations of FCP X, so the media is not the culprit.


I have trashed pref's with pref manager several times. This will not fix it.


Plus it takes 10-15 minutes to re-load my large events.  So it eats up my entire evening with just a few crashes.


I will post my next crashlog - I lost the previous one before I could copy it.

Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    You'd do best to file this via the feedback form, and include your crash log there in the comments box.



    You could try a reinstall.


    But for "many multiclips" I'd start optimizing media for them.  And the GPU in that rMBP isn't the most powerful around.  You may want to get Event Manager X and hide the events and projects you aren't currently using.

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    You may have some corrupt files.


    And having many large events consumes a lot of ram and slows down FCP X - as you have been made painfully aware!


    Consider hiding events that you are not using.

    You can do it with Event Manager X, but you can do it manually very easily.


    Create a folder called, say, "Final Cut Events - hidden" beside the normal "Final Cut Events" (and likewise for projects). Move the stuff you don't need there. FCP X will not load them and will start much faster, use less ram and maybe avoid some of the problems that you are encountering.

    At the very least if it crashes you won't waste so much time.