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I use my HP P1102W printer over wifi.

I needed to reinstall it. So reseted it to factory settings, connected with the usb cable (iMac) and reinstalled the driver.

I opened then its html configuration site. I intended to enable wifi support and input my network settings.

And here problems occured.


I marked "enable wireless" box and pressed "apply" button. The page went blank. I reopened printer's html config. The changes were not saved. I was not able to configure the printer. None of the changes I did were saved.


Fortunately I solved the problem after 2 hours. My question is why it is this way.


I recalled that when I bought the printer I connected it to the second (from the left) iMac's usb port as the first was already occupied. Its driver was then installed for the first time. Today I tried to configure the printer while it was attached to the first port.

So I plugged its usb cable into the second slot. Everything was ok then.


Why uninstall keeps such info in the system? Should I bother myself with the usb port used during the first install? I will start taking notes on it 





iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)