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After purchasing OS X 10.8.3, 2 days ago...and it being installed, and now my Superdrive dosen't work with this version....and it DID work with previous 10.7.5...leads me to beleive there is a flaw in the new OS.....


Now since it is not working as expected, and/or advertised...  I feel it is of no use to me, and had better service with the previous 10.7.5 version.

This issue with the compatability of the Superdrive and 10.8.3, is so wide spread with complaint, after complaint form others with the same problem.


I have yet to see any documentation from Apple, assuring us, that a patch/work-around/fix is being brought to the lab workers attention!  I don't feel that I (we) should have to pay for software that is not up to par, or that creates such a major problem to the enjoyment of using our drive (Superdrive)!


Anyone have any solutions or maybe an answer to my question above?

Have a good day,


Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), OS X 10.8.3 and External Superdrive