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My iPad discovers three devices, including a Logitech keyboard. My wife's very new iPad's Bluetooth discovers nothing when in the same room and same proximity to those devices.


Is there some setting on her device we have overlooked that is preventing Bluetooth from working? Yes, bluetooth has been turned on and off.  Other devices (smart phones) also can detect the devices.  Only her iPad discovers nothing.  Anything else we should do or check?

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    Those other devices need to be in "discovery" mode while the iPad is looking for them.


    It may help to cycle power on the other devices while the iPad is looking for them.  And, of course, a device can only be paired to one other device at a time.

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    Tried that. Turned Bluetooth off on my ipad. Followed manufacturer's directions for keyboard device to make it available to another iPad.  Nothing on her iPad was discovered.  But my HTC DNA phone did detect the keyboard device while the iPad still detected nothing.  The keyboard device also works on two other iPads. 


    So we have clearly ruled out the device not being in discoverable mode. There is some issue with her iPad.

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    Here's a troubleshooting article:
    iPad: Using Bluetooth headsets and keyboards