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Hello, I recently purchased an iPad 4 and the Numbers application. I normally do my spreadsheet work on a PC with Excel. I copied an employee rankings Excel spreadsheet over to Numbers and was given the following message.


Unsupported formulas were removed. The last calculated values were imported.


Everything in the spreadsheet looks correct except the ranking values are expressed three different ways in the three different columns.


Name     Overall Rank     Apples Sold     Rank     Oranges Sold     Rank     Bananas Sold     Rank    TOTAL

Mark              1                     5.2           300%           2.7                2          5.1                  1.00         13


So, even though the formulas are the same in all of the Rank columns, the rank results are expressed in very different ways

Numbers, iOS 6.1.3
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    Hi SG,


    Looks like they're just formatted differently.


    Select each column listing ranks, open the Inspector, choose the Cell Inspector.


    Use the popup menu to select Number as the format, then set the number of decimal places to none.


    NOTE: Reply is specific to Numbers for Mac OS X. The steps should be similar for the iOS version, but the route t the Cell inspector is lkely different.