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Hello all,


I have been using Final cut pro for awhile and never had any issues. However, I recently got a GoPro and I have found that when I export the footage the quality is absolutely terrible. Here is my workflow

- Gopro footage is shot at 2.7k (Good quality)

- Converted to ProRes Lt (Good quality)

- Edited (Still looks like good quality in final cut pro)

Then when I export it looks terrible... I have tried exporting it as a sequence and then converting it to quicktime or mp4 in mpeg streamclip (which Ive always done)

Or, I have tried exporting it as a movie from FCP as a quicktime conversion, H.264, 5000 kbps and converting it down to 1280x720 (which Ive always done for vimeo)

- After the long render process I look at the video and its awful!


Any suggestions on workflow here?



Imac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    need more info.


    Export how (exactly)?


    I work with gopro footage all the the time. This is my workflow.


    • convert to ProRes LT
    • edit
    • export using "current settings" & "self contained"
    • import file in Compressor and convert to whatever delivery format needed.
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    In Final Cut Pro, click on one of the source clips from the GoPro in the FCP Browser and, once selected, type Command + 9 to see the Item Properties for the clip. Either report those properties, or take a screen shot and post that screen shot here.


    Next, click anywhere on your sequence timeline, and type Command + 0 {zero} to see you Sequence Settings. Either report those settings, or take a screen shot of the Sequence Settings and post that here.


    How are you viewing the exported video?



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    I haven't tried compressor, I've always exported the way you mentioned then converted via mpeg stream clip. Ill give compressor a try this weekend and report back.


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    MtD - I will look into that and report back. I won't be around my computer again till Saturday. Thanks!

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    I tried your method of exporting the self contained sequence and using compressor and still no luck... I followed the compression settings outlined in this vimeo how to...



    Does anything there stick out to you?

    To give you an idea of the quality difference Im going to try to attach a picture. The Top one is after conversion with compressor, the bottom one is the sequence by itself when it was exported from FCP (Hopefully the quality doesn't get degraded too much in the image when i upload it). To me there is a big difference especially when you look at the sharpness of the lines between the black and gold paint on the bikeScreen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.32.12 PM.png

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    Here are the clip properties and sequence properties. The video quality is fine in the editor, its when I go to export the video to a final copy to upload to vimeo etc that the quality is significantly downgraded. Also, I have been viewing the exported video in Quicktime

    Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.40.43 PM.png

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    Viewing the exported clip from the sequence, without conversion, in QuickTime?

    Do not use QuickTime X, use QuickTime Player 7.

    You should be able to find QuickTime Player7 in the Finder by going to the menu Go > Utilities and look for:



    When you open QuickTime Player 7, set the preferences to:

    QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz001.png

    Now play your exported file. Does it look like it did in FCP?


    If you are compressing the file to Vimeo, it is expected that there will be a reduction in picture quality as you are converting form 1920 x 1080 to 1280 x720, dropping your frame rate in half, and restricting the amount of data per frame. You would naturally expect to see some difference between the pre-compression and post-compression file, and this difference would likely be more apparent the higher the quality the pre-compression file  displays.



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    I have shot footage for years with DSLR at 1080 and converted it/watched it with the same method Ive always used. I realize the quality isnt going to be as good as with a DSLR because it is a GoPro but my issue here is the difference in quality between my exported sequence from FCP and my video I then convert to a final is drastically different.

    Can you reccommend an export setting to follow (assuming size isnt an issue) that would provide me with the sharpest quality at 1280x720

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    I'm not the person to ask as I have pretty low expectations for the quality of the image when viewed online. When I need to post something, I use the compressor preset for YouTube/Vimeo HD720p.



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    Thanks for all the help, I found a solution that works for me. If I convert the footage to 720 from the start (i.e. off the camera directly to proresLT 720p). The quality is much better than if I try to convert it down to 720p post editing for some reason!

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    IBryan4423 wrote:


    If I convert the footage to 720 from the start (i.e. off the camera directly to proresLT 720p). The quality is much better than if I try to convert it down to 720p post editing for some reason!

    Could you possibly provide the steps you followed to down-covert from the camera before editing?