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I have transferred my files from an old to a new iMac. On my old iMac I could right click on an image to give me a pop-up with a choice of options, one of those being silver efex pro. Ihave PS listed in my external editor but there must be some facility for getting "plug-in's" connected. Ideally in the pop-up box, but happy to get advice on any method. Thabnks, jp

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    When you migrated to your new Mac, you are probably now using MacOS X 10.8.3. and Aperture 3.4. Was was your old operating system and Aperture version?

    Some plug-ins are no longer compatible, see:

    Aperture 3.4 and later: Some third-party plug-ins are no longer compatible


    Make sure you have the latest version of Silver-Efex pro, and then run the installer to install it again. If properly installed, the plug-ins should be in your System Library

         /Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins/Edit


        /Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins/Export


    If installed in either of these folders, Aperture should see the plug-in as an export- or edit plug-in.




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    That worked thank you very much Leonie - I'd be stuck without Apple Support Communities. I really appreciate the help you and your colleagues give. Cheers, jp

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    JP -- as a registered owner of NIK's plug-in(s), you should have received an email from Google (they purchased NIK) with an upgrade link.  If you haven't, you should, just to be in line for whatever news and/or upgrades Google releases.  (They recently said that they would continue to develop the NIK Suite.)


    The main thing the Google upgrade does is make your currently registered NIK apps into currently registered Google apps.  I think it also confirms (and may correct) the installation.


    If you intend to continue to use your NIK app(s), I recommend upgrading them to the Google versions.



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    Thanks Kirby. Yes, I downloaded the Google NIK package some weeks ago. I think the changeover from an old to a new iMac may have complicated things because I could not open Aperture until I did the .4 upgrade. And then I had to do a reinstall of NIK to get the plug-ins to work.  Cheers, jp