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I have now tried two sets of external speakers on my imac and neither of them work. They work on other computers.

the one I have just bought are the soundsticks II

I plu the line into the port on the back for the headphones. They do not work. I have gone to the sound part of preferences as help said I have to select the headphones as the output however all that is there is internal speakers and this is selected. Is this why they are not working?

any help appreciated.



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    For me, in the Sound preference panel, if I click on the "Output" button, the only selection is "Internal Speakers" on the "Built-In Output" port. However, whenever I plug in a mini-stereo plug into the headphone jack (the one closest to the edge of the iMac), the name changes to "Line Out". I tried it with headphones, external speakers and even just a plug connected to nothing and it all works the same.

    Are you sure that you're plugging into the right jack?

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    My sound preferences panel works the same way as Tom describes. I get flawless sound plugging in my external speaker's minijack into the headphones port on my iMac.

    Worst case scenario, you could get a relatively inexpensive iMic and your speakers will work through USB:


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    Thanks Guys,

    even though I had rebooted before. I rebooted again and now everything is working fine.

    Thanks for your help though.