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I have an ipad 2 which until recently had been working just fine apart from a few key apps that just didnt seem to work anymore. Mail and youtube and anything google related. I upgraded to ios6 just a couple of days ago and have a series of major issues i dont know how to solve.


1. It never seems to go to sleep. The screen stays lit regardless of the settings.

2. The square home button no longer functions, except in wiggle mode where it stops the wiggle. Pressing it or double tapping it while in an app does nothing at all. I have to pinch to get back to the menu.

3. The battery now seems to discharge in less that 10 hours from full. Under ios5 i used charge this thing about once a week.

4. The wifi drops out for about 15 seconds every 5 minutes. I have tried alternate access points, both 2.4 and 5ghz spectrum, alternate channels, and thorough testing with a half dozen other devices to determine that the problem is in-ipad. Again, never this issue under 5. This makes youtube, airvideo, etc pretty worthless.

5. Mail will connect to gmail and icloud and stay working for a day or so, then seems to forget the password or a certificate and I have to delete the account and re-add it, and then it works again for another couple of days.

6. My photos now seem to have dozens of screeenshots in them, but performing the proper "screenshot" key sequence doesnt actually take them. Something else seems to be, i havent got an app for it. Seems to be doing it on its own.

7. Airplay to my appletv 2 doesnt work, or may be mixed up with the wifi issues.


Tips, pointers?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1