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I am going to buy a 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display. I can buy a new one now (April 2013), or a refurbished model with a manufacture date of mid-2012. The stated specs for the 2 machines are identical. What would be different about the two? Should it matter which one I get?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Given that their specs are identical, there are two differences I can think of: (1) One is refurbished = likely lightly used and repaired somehow, one is not.  (2) One is cheaper than the other.

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    And both have the same warranty and Apple telephone support, but there is a difference in price.  I have purchased three refurbished MBPs and I can recommend that option.



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    I can confirm the conditions of refurbs bought directly from Apple. At last count our family has seven refurb Macs including two MBPs, plus an iPad and two iPods.


    "Lightly used" did not apply--each unit was spotless. All are still in service, including our frst refurb, a Beige G3 tower bought in 1999 and now used as a photo server.


    I won't buy anything but a refurb if that option is available.

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    It's not as simple as that.


    I've seen number of sources claiming that the components used in 2013 model are slightly different, presumably to resolve some of the issue 2012 model had.


    Also, the 2013 are equipped with faster CPU by 0.1 Ghz.


    Frankly, 2013-model will also have higher resale value than 2012 counterpart.


    But again, yes, if the price difference is significant, I wouldn't hesitate with refurbs. Bought few of those and there was no way to tell that it's refurb.