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Hi having a problem when I try to copy text in a cell and drag it down to copy to other cells in a column.   If I enter a number it will copy this but if I enter a letter and a number it increase the number. I am trying to copy the code cs600 and copy it to multiple cells but it keeps increasing the number 600 601 etc.  If I just put in 600 it just copies the number and does not incease it.



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Hi pini haka,


    Instead of dragging down, use a temporary formula. If cs600 is in Cell B2, enter =B2 in Cell B3


    Drag to fill B3 down.


    Select B3 and those newly filled cells, Edit > Copy then Edit > Paste Values. That will replace the temporary formulas with the values.




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    An alternative to Ian's suggestion: Use Copy&Paste.


    Enter cs600 in the first cell and confirm the entry by pressing return or tab.

    Click on the cell to select it.

    Copy (command-C)

    Drag to select the rest of the cells. Ignore the incremented values that are filled as you do this.*

    Paste (command-V).


    *If you are filling many cells, you may also select the range by clicking on the first cell, then shift-clicking on the last cell in the range.




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    Thanks Barry this solved the problem