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Just installed snow leopard and now my time machine won't back up. It only gets as far as "makign disk available". I can go into my time machine and see the whole history of updates. Last successful update now Feb 9th! If I try to start a back up I can't then turn the Mac off without holding power button. If I look on the help website it says time machine may take longer if:

Long time since last back up - Feb 9th I gues counts

If Mac not turned off proerly in meantime - Yes, everytime I've tried this

If just upgraed software - Yes to snow leopard


I've even paid to have it looked at in a Mac support centre where they backed up onto a different hard drive and then did a clean load of snow leopard for me


I'm at a complete loss. Never had any probelms with Mac until loaded snow leopard. Now I have time machine problem and continual crashing of microsoft office for Mac 2008


Help. please...

Mac OS X (10.6.8)