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I have synced pictures to my Ipod nano 7th Generation about 5 times. The first time, the pictures came out very sharp and very clear. Now, a few months later of adding new pictures on my Ipod, the pictures are very, very blurry and I have no idea what to do.

iPod nano, Windows 7
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    They will only be as sharp as the small screen of the iPod nano allows.  When syncing, iTunes does not send the actual full resolution image file to the iPod, because that would just waste storage space on the iPod.  It optimizes the image (reduces resolution) to fit the iPod's screen, and stores the image data for all the pictures on a single database file.


    NOTE:  If you want iTunes to sync a copy of the picture files, in full resolution, to the iPod, checkmark the box on the iPod's Photos tab in iTunes, that says Include full-resolution photos.  That option will put a full-res copy of the image files on the iPod as a backup, but those files are not used by the iPod for viewing.


    If you think there is a problem with the blurriness, you may want to do a Restore on the iPod in iTunes.  This will erase the iPod, re-install its software, and set it to default settings.  If there is a software or data corruption problem, a Restore should fix it.

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    Dear Kenichi Watanabe,


    The very first time I synced pictures to my Ipod Nano 7th Generation, the pictures were very, very clear and sharp. And when I zoomed in on them, they were sharp and not pixelated. However, I have removed and added new pictures a few times, and every time I have done so, it seems the clarity has slowly degraded. Now, I cannot zoom in on the pictures without the image becoming blurry and pixelated. I have done both of what you have said: the restoring has not helped the image quality. And my images range from 2000 x 3000 to 4000 x 6000. I have actually resized them to smaller pictures, 900 x 1000 or so and the pictures are still very blurry.

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    If you did a Restore, it should be back to the way it was originally.  If you can remember what picture (or pictures) you initially put on the iPod (that were sharp), I would try those pictures again, immediately after doing a Restore.  If that works OK, and if adding more pictures causes this problem to occur, do the original pictures also become blurry?


    Double-check the pictures using software on your computer, to make sure they appear sharp on your computer.

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    The pictures on my computer are sharp and clear. Once I put them on my Ipod, they are blurry. And yes, even when I put the original pictures back on, they are blurry to...


    1st time I put pictures on: the images are sharp, clear and very vivid.

    2nd time: images are still sharp and clear

    3rd time: images are a little blurry and pixelated - not able to zoom in quite as much

    4th time: images appear smaller and pixelated

    5th time: imags are very blurry and pixelated when I zoom in



    Both orignal pictures and new ones are very pixelated when I zoom in

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    If the problem exists immediately after doing a Restore, AND when you originally used the iPod, the pictures were clear on the iPod, I would suspect a problem with iTunes, when it converts the pictures for display on the iPod. 


    It almost seems like the iPod is converting the pictures for an older iPod that has a much smaller screen, hence the lower resolution on your iPod's larger screen (that also can zoom in).  This problem did not exist originally, and it is something that persists after doing a Restore on the iPod itself.


    I noticed that on my Mac, iTunes creates a folder called iPod Photo Cache in my Pictures folder.  Inside is a file called Photo Database, and it has a date modified that matches my last sync.  The location may be different for Windows, but if you can find that folder, try deleting it (the whole iPod Photo Cache folder).  iTunes will create a "fresh" one the next time you sync. 


    Maybe that Photo Database file is somehow corrupted, and causing this problem (and that may be something that was not originally an issue and persists after a Restore on the iPod itself).

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    Dear Kenichi,


    I really do appreciate all your help, but unfortunately, nothing has worked. I went in and deleted the Ipod Photo Cache and I restored my Ipod and I surely thought I would be successful. And I was not.


    At this point, I do not know what else to do. The music plays just fine, but the pictures are suffering... which kinda annoys me, because as an Artist, I need to always carry a portfolio around and having my entire art collection on my Ipod is really nice.


    To give you a better understanding how what the images look like, I have included small attachments to illustrate my point.


    A. (The first time I viewed my images on my Ipod)

    The image is sharp and clear (This is what it looked like when you zoom in).



    B. This is what they look like now...

    Blurry and pixelated... (This image may not depict the extent of the pixelation, but trust me, it's a little worse than this.)


    n - Copy.jpg


    I don't know what else to do. As I have said before, the music plays well... and the album art is sharp and very clear... just not my photos. I don't think I will send my Ipod back because my parents gave it to me as a Christmas present and I think it may be too late to return it. Plus, I kinda feel like if I were to get a new one, it would do the same thing.


    Maybe this was my own fault? Will adding new pictures mess the Ipod up? It may...


    Thank you so much for being so helpful.

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    I thought that would have a good shot of working. 


    Doing a Restore wipes the iPod, and makes it like when you took it out of the box.  So I do not think the cause is on the iPod end.  Plus, you saw it work properly, when you first used it.  The problem must surely be something that iTunes is not doing properly, when it converts the images to sync to the iPod.


    If you want to continue troubleshooting to narrow down and isolated the cause, I can think of a few more things to try...


    This is a test for a problem in your iTunes Library file (and other supporting files located in the iTunes folder) - iTunes has a way of letting you switch between iTunes libraries on one computer.  This document explains how to create another iTunes library and switch to it.  Your existing library is not affected, and you can switch back to it the same way.




    The new library will be completely empty, like when you first started using iTunes.  Connect your iPod while in this library and sync it to this library (the iPod's current content will be erased) and synced to nothing, if the library is currently empty.  Select the iPod in the sidebar, and on the iPod's Photos tab, set it up to sync to a folder with pictures, as you did before.  You can create a new folder, with just a few photos for this test. Don't set up syncing (on the other tabs) for anything else at this point.  Apply the change.


    In a brand new iTunes library, when you sync a small number of photos (and nothing else), does this problem still occur?