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Many of us use the iPad to create music along with our Mac's. The problem becomes how do you get Audio and Midi between your Desktop and your iPad? As in "I have a great iPad Synth App that I'd like to route 'MIDI to' and 'Audio from' for use in Logic Pro".


WiFi is bad enough for MIDI, I can't imagine how it'd fair with audio. The latency is ridiculous and you still have to create an AdHoc network just to get even close. Clearly data can be sent over the charging cable, so why can't we have the iPad appear as a MIDI and Audio i/o device within the Mac?


Currently this takes TWO audio/midi interfaces, a bunch of cables, a powered USB hub (i.e. yet another wall wart), and a camera connection kit. It's an ugly mess just to essentially connect the USB from the iPad to the USB of the Mac. Surely there is a better way to do this?


I've stopped buying music apps for the iPad for this sole reason. Animoog et al. is great, but the hoops I have to jump through to get it into my desktop DAW makes it more expensive and less than ideal.

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