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My daughter recently purchased an album  ("Run (Deluxe Edition)" by Sanctus Real) on our account, but we have been unable to get one song (entitled "Promises") from that album to play.  All other songs work properly.


Specifically, when I attempt to launch the song, an iTunes account dialog box pops up asking for my account ID and password.  The dialogue box is titled, "Authorize This Computer."  It then states: "This computer is not authorized to play "Promises".  Would you like to authorize it?"  I type in my Apple ID and password, and the response dialogue box states: "This computer is already authorized."  However, it still will not play.  It takes me through the exact same loop of asking me to authorize the computer by logging into my iTunes account.  Again, all of the other songs play perfectly fine without asking for me to log in.  It only happens with this one song.


Any clues why this is happening?  Does Apple offer any simple method to re-download the album we purchased from their iTunes store?


I appreciate any help you can offer.  Thank you.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Could be a corrupt download of that Song...



    If you live in a Region that allows re-downloading Music...


    Delete the Song(s) and re-download...



    See Here  >  Download Past Purchases





    If not... Contact iTunes Customer Service


    Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact Us

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    It's corrupt. Click here and follow the instructions if doing so is free in your country; if it isn't, contact the iTunes Store staff.



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    Thank you to Niel and AnaMusic.  I attempted to follow the provided directions for downloading the song again (I am in the US, so I should be able to do it), but almost all of my library songs do NOT have the download icon next to their titles (only 5 of my songs have that symbol).  I am uncertain why, since many of my songs were purchased from the iTunes Store (the rest were all recorded from CDs).  Since the song in question does not have the download icon, I was uncertain how to "re-download" it.


    I chose to send a note to the iTunes Support Team via e-mail.  I will see what they have to offer.


    Thank you again for the quick responses.  I intend on clicking "This solved my question" for both of you.