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Hi, I have used all of the 5 computers that I can authorize for my ipod and all of those computers have since died.  Is there a way to deauthorize a computer without having the actual computer to do it from?

I do not want to delete all of them because my ipad is connected to my account (that is the only one that I still have), but I want to transfer all of the music from my ipod to my itunes account so I can put on my new iphone.



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    Authorization and Deauthorization


    MacsiTunes Store- About authorization and deauthorization.


    Windows: How to Authorize or Deauthorize iTunes | PCWorld.


    In iTunes you use the Authorize This Computer or De-authorize This Computer option under the Store menu in iTunes' menubar. For Windows use the ALT-S keys to access it. Or turn on Windows 7 and 8 iTunes menus: iTunes- Turning on iTunes menus in Windows 8 and 7.



    More On De-authorizing Computers (contributed by user John Galt)


    You can de-authorize individual computers, but only by using those computers. The only other option is to "de-authorize all" from your iTunes account.


      1. Open iTunes on a computer

      2. From the Store menu, select "View my Account..."

      3. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

      4. Under "Computer Authorizations" select "De-authorize All".

      5. Authorize each computer you still have, as you may require.


    You may only do this once per year.


    After you "de-authorize all" your authorized computers, re-authorize each one as required.


    If you have de-authorized all computers and need to do it again, but your year has not elapsed, then contact: Apple - Support - iTunes - Contact Us.

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    This is only possible by using the Deauthorize All function; after using it, authorize a computer and use the Transfer Purchases function in iTunes. Alternatively, you can use these instructions to download the music directly from the iTunes Store servers to the new iPhone if it's free in your country.