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I had seen some thing discussed previously, but not being a computer programming expert I could not seem to understand what I needed to do to fix the problem.


Along with the dilling comments back about what was being asked I will advise the problem as follows.


I use a Numbers file daily and created a short-cut to the desktop to make opening the file easier.

The file is updated at least twice a day.


Now previously there had not being a problem but following another fault to my Macbook Pro (Number 4) I this time needed a new harddrive and it seems the store screwed up the Operating system and it was not the same as the previous one I had (but that is anopther story).


Since then, from time to time only, on several occassions when opening the shortcut on the desk top it opens with PREVIEW rather than NUMBERS.

I have been able to change the software to open with by right clicking the shortcut and changing the setting to dermine what application it should open with, but this is annoying me as I should not need to.


A previous question on this answered about deleting a file, but I could not find that and then tried using another option using the TERMINAL application, but when I copied what was on the suggestions it threw up an error which I think is due the need to change some details in what I copied but was not explained.


Maybe the better option is for me to forget NUMBERS and purchasing EXCEL or a new Windows based Laptop becuase I have never had these problems with previous computers which I have been blighted with since swapping to Apple.


Please advise what I can do to solve this.

Macbook Pro
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    Hi Tommo,


    A previous question on this answered about deleting a file


    Maybe the answer you saw is here:






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    Sorry, this is the one I looked at and could not find the file mentioned and then using Terminal what I copied in did nothing.


    These exchanges have not helped me understand what I need to do to fix the problem as the sollution given seems to base the help on somebody who knows what they need to do and I can not follow the instructions.

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    Hi tommo,


    Sounds like a corrupted plist (preferences) file.


    Quit Numbers, then do the following:


    The file indicated in the discussion linked in Ian's post is: com.apple.LaunchServices.plist


    You'll find it at:


    Macintosh HD > Users > yourusername > Library > Preferences > com.apple.LaunchServices.plist


    With versions of OS X after 10.6, the User Library is hidden. To get to your Library, start in Finder.


    Go to the Go menu, press and hold the option key, and select Library. Double click Preferences, then locate and select com.apple.LaunchServices.plist and drag that file to either the Desktop or the Trash.


    Then try double-clickig a .numbers file.