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When I boot up my Mac pro computer, I see the spinning wheel with another loading indicator on the bottom. What does this mean? Attached is an image for reference.







Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 8 core 2.26ghz
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    have you ever rotated your display?


    how about try clear PRAM and SMC


    I assume all is right side up normal once the login and Finder desktop appears and isn't in this upside down world

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    yes, everything is right side up...the wizzy wig uploaded the image upside down, not sure why that happened. This indicator bar showed up the other day, and then again this morning. The reason I am reaching out to the community is I upgraded my machine's main hard drive to a PCI solid state drive (accelsior), and I had an issue with the product being defective. I sent it back and got a new one, and all has been fine ever since. But, in the back of my mind, I wonder if that hardware is the issue. My computer works well after that. Is this a firmware issue?


    thanks for responding



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    I misunderstood why you were concerned and am sorry.


    you have a dirty directory or journal and the system is checking the drive to repair it.


    you should use Recovery Mode or boot from another hard drive and do repairs.


    Ideally you have backups, you should do that now.


    If you have not tried cloning the system, I would.


    Are you booting from the OWC SSD card or traditional?


    Using Cloning as a Backup Strategy



    OS X Lion Install to Different Drive


    With any SSD incl. OWC, make an image of the system for restore when  needed, I would definitely use TRIM Enabler, and not rely on the SSD itself to use its Garbage Collection alone. you still need to boot from another drive now and then and run DU Repair Disk to make sure any cells marked for deletion are consolidated or "trimmed."


    Sometimes those SSDs on that card don't mount or have sleep issues it seems based solely on reading threads on Mac Pro forum of MacRumors.



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    Yes, I am booting off of the SSD drive. My vision for the setup was to be like this...have my applications and OS on the SSD (480GB), and use one of my other hardrives just for iTunes, and my other hardrive for my personal work (Graphic Designer). Let me back up, in addition to the SSD drive, I have 3 other hardrives in my machine as well. I had a time capsule, but it stopped working after 4 years, took out the hardrive and put it in my Mac Pro...so I purchased a G-Drive to back up my machine...So, my stuff is all backed up.

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    As long as you have a bootable backup (clone) and use it.


    And use Safe Mode.


    Recovery Mode in Lion / ML is useful too - and CCC will create a recovery partition the first time.


    480GB just for OS and apps is rather over kill. 2 x 240GB for an array might be useful.


    Some use the card for data or scratch as they / there were / issues and OS corruption going on.


    I found my Samsung 840 SSD to make such a difference over older SSDs, and on the native SATA 2 ports vs. putting the system on PCIe


    A backup that you know is good and solid and that you can and have used and practiced doing restore is as important as having backups. And with SSDs restore is every bit more important.

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    Thanks for the discussion...I will take your advice and repair the disk, but I am considering contacting OWC and returning for one the 3G drives, though I would lose some speed, I'm sure the infrastructure would be more sound with that hardware vs. what I have now. Thanks for the advice and quick response.





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    6G is what my Samsung 840 is and it blew away the older 3Gs.


    Keep it. with that size you should do more than "just" the OS - unless you have the rare 200GB of apps like every Suite and whole world of X-Plane on there.


    If you do CS6 and 'heavy lifting' works for that too.


    I still love 10K WD  as their new units are near 180-ish MB/sec and hold my media files and esp. iPhoto w/ books and such and 100K photos. And at $140 500GB a great investment (impossible to kill those VelociRaptors). And they have writes (none of the SSD with fast reads and slow writes or any issues). The 250GB 10K $100, same price as the SSD I just bought.


    Sonnet Tempo Pro 6G is bootable and I have relied on Sonnet since my 68040 days for cpu, video, and lots of PCI/PCIe cards - and OWC carries that too.