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Hello all,


I have a brand new Mac Mini 2.3 i7.  All software is fully updated. 


I have an empty, never before used iPhoto library. 


I am trying to import photos from an external hard drive into iPhoto.  The process works if I try to import only a handful of photos at a time (i.e., if I only try to import 92 photos).  However, if I try to import anything more than a 100 photos or so, iPhoto hangs.  I get the colorful spinning wheel of death and am ultimately forced to "force quit." 


Given that my entire system is new, this is troubling.  Any thoughts, advice, help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks a lot. 

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    Try this:  launch iPhoto with the Option key held down and create a new, test library.  Import those same photos and to see if the same problem persists. Does it?  If not and you have no photos in your first library that aren't in your new one you can continue with the new library and delete the old one.



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    Thanks.  I ended up deleting my iPhoto library and starting over.  This time, everything worked as it should and all 2,000 photos were imported without a hitch.  Thanks for the advice.

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    So, the problem has returned. 


    As stated in my last post, I deleted my iPhoto library and started over, and imported all of my photos off of my external hard drive. 


    Today, I tried to import another few hundred photos from my iPhone.  And, iPhoto once again stopped working and got hung up on import. 


    I don't understand how a new computer, with a new iPhoto library can have so many problems.  Getting very frustrated.  Two import sessions shouldn't be this difficult.

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    There may be a damaged file that it's trying to import. Try importing smaller groups of photos and when you get a freeze you can narrow it down again by cutting the size in half and trying again. 

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but it seems to freeze on different photos each time.  I've tried importing about 4 times now, and it hangs every single time .... on a different photo and no matter how many photos I tell it to import.


    I've tried quitting out of all of my programs, leaving nothing but iPhoto running; I've tried importing fewer pictures; I've tried restarting, rebooting, etc... I've reparied permissions, verified disks; nothing seems to help.

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    Well, that shoots down that brillant theory.


    Log into another user account on your Mac, launch iPhoto, create a new library and see if you can import there without freezing.