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I have iCal set up to use my Google Calendar account (CalDAV) for my main calendar.


I have Enable Time Zone support set on iCal.


If I create an event at say 8pm CDT, it displays correctly in the month/week/day views in iCal and in the views in Google Calendar.  However, if I do a "Get Info" on the event in iCal, it displays the time as 1am UTC.  Now this is also correct, but I don't understand why it's not displaying in Central Time.


What's really weird, is that if I create the same event on my iPhone, it displays correctly when viewed in iCal, that is, when I do a Get Info, the event is shown as 8pm Centra Time.  My iPhone is also set to point to my Google Calendar account, and also has Time Zone Support enabled.


The only time the problem occurs is when the event is created first in iCal and viewed in Get Info mode.


Mac OS 10.8.8.


-- ross

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.5)