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I've just bought a new MacBook Pro with Retina Display as a replacement for my old MacBook. On my Macbook I have my iTunes library which contains all my play count, and playlists etc, I also use this to sync my iPhone 5 and iPod nano to. Throughout the day I have spent time trying to put the music onto my new MacBook Pro, however, although I can successfully move it all across, my song ratings,and playcount are non existing. Also my playlists; they do appear under the playlists bar, however, each one is empty and contains none of my previous songs.


Also, I was wondering if I connect my iPhone to my new MacBook Pro, will it sync the playlists and ratings, as well as completing my playlists, because when I sync it a message pops up onscreen saying my phone will be erased of the previous iTunes Library data, and if am worried about losing my playcount, which I do not want to do, therefore I have not yet synced it fully, apart from a back up and transfering any purchases.


Sorry about the long answer, and just some extra info if it helps

- I have an external hard drive to move files across if needed ( which is originally how I transferred my songs )

- I have home sharing set up ( I also tried this way, again, no play counts or playlists! )


Hopefully someone can help me with this!


Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who replies

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 13"