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    Sorry we weren't able to help you in a more timely manner.


    Were you eventually able to get both devices syncing through iCloud? (You had mentioned that the iPhone was backing up there, but not whether it was also syncing there.)

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    The iPhone is backing up to the iCloud, I don't know wether she got her wireless up and running so she could sync her iPad.  There just has to be an easy awy to do this!  I backup to my Mac and sync my iPhone and iPad thru the computer.  She has an ancient Windoze machine (needs for her work) and I couldn't even go there!

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    If the iPhone has backed up to iCloud, it must have a wifi data path at least some of the time. (iCloud backup, once enabled, requires the device to be plugged into power, locked, and connected to wifi.)


    As sberman noted above, syncing through iCloud has nothing to do with backing up to iCloud. Nor does it work the same as syncing through your Mac works.


    If she wants to keep the contacts, calendars, and other items I listed in my previous post synchronized between her devices, she needs to move ("re-home") the data to iCloud (or some similar cloud-based server).

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    I'd like to chime in here if I may.  I have the same exact question as Louise Cote.  I'm a Mac user since its inception (LOL!) but for many reasons never needed to have a cell phone, until now.  And I'm having to not only navigate the new iPhone (love it) but help my 2 bosses who both have iPads.  I recently had to buy them cell phones so I got them each an iPhone5.  I will be seeing them this week and would like to sync their iPads to the iPhones, so they can share calendar, contacts, mail, photos, etc. and all their existing iPad info will be available immediately in their new iPhones.


    In my personal case at home, I have a Mac so I understand having that save to iCloud and my iPhone just "gets" whatever the update is.


    But in the case of my bosses (like Louise's friend), they do not have Mac computers.


    So the question is how do we get these iPads and iPhones sharing cloud info?


    Is it just a matter of turning the iCloud "on" on each device and telling it which of the items (calendar, etc) that we want to sync to iCloud?


    This seems to be confused in the discussion with "backing up" to iCloud.  That's not really what we are after.  We just want the 2 devices to be able to share mail, photos, contacts, etc via iCloud without having an actual Mac computer in the midst.


    Hope I'm making sense!  Many thanks in advance.


    PS - In my case, I haven't tried this yet as my bosses aren't back in town yet with their iPads, so for all I know its easy as pie.

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    Are your bosses currently using iCloud or some similar cloud service to store their contacts, calendars, and whatnot for their iPads? If so, it should be as simple as signing each boss' iPhone onto that boss's iCloud account and enabling the functions you want the devices to share (mai, contacts, calendars, etc.).


    I'll assume use of iCloud. the procedure for Google or other cloud service would be similar. The process will be similar to what you did with your Mac and iPhone, except that it will start on the iPads.


    If they are not currently using iCloud (or similar cloud service), each boss should follow the following procedure (or you could do it for them):

    establish an Apple ID(*1) and corresponding iCloud account,

    sign on to the iCloud account on the iPad,

    migrate(*2) the data to iCloud,

    then sign on the same iCloud account when setting up the iPhone (which should populate itself from iCloud).


    (*1) A separate one for each boss.

    (*2) I think it will ask about migrating calendars and contacts when you enable iCloud, but it has been a while since I set mine up. Migrating mail accounts could be more complex depending on what types of mail accounts they are using now.

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    Thanks Markwmsn!  I'm certainly assuming they have Apple IDs, as you pretty much have to have one when you set up your device (I think their tech in Portugal or the UK must have done this - I'll soon find out).


    I don't know if they have their iPads set to iCloud, but will soon find out.  I assumed it would be as simple as how it worked with my Mac and my iPhone, etc.  Once you tell email or calendar to link to iCloud and do the same on the other device with the same Apple ID, they access the same iCloud info.


    On the iPhone all you're doing is going to Settings>iCloud and turning "on" which of the various things you want up on the iCloud.  I'm assuming the iPad set up is the same.  I assume this is what would migrate the calendar, mail, etc if you wish.


    I'll come back here after I've had a chance to try it out and report my success or failure.  I'm not sure what Louise Cote is encountering but it sounds like she's trying to do the exact same thing - have 2 devices with the same Apple ID share their iCloud info without a Mac computer in the mix.  I'm not sure what she was experiencing when she tried to do this.


    Thanks again!

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    If you find a way, please post.

    My daughter has an iPhone and an iPad, NO OTHER COMPUTER.  She has run out of iCloud storage to back her phone up and we're not paying for more storage when she has a brand new iPad where she can possibly back it up.


    Seems like the process would be the same as hooking it to your Mac and backing up - other than you can't hook an iPhone to the iPad.  I am looking at the data transfer adapters for iPad, hoping she can plug phone into the iPad and use iTunes to back up her phone and sync.

    But the question "How can I back my iPhone up to my iPad?" seems relatively simple and I can't find an answer.  I don't want to know how to back it up to the cloud, how to restore it from the cloud, etc.  I can understand your frustration.

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    The question "How can I back my iPhone up to my iPad?" is indeed simple, and so is the answer:

    Apple provides no way to do what you want directly. As far as I know, no third party has attempted to develop a way.


    It's not even clear it is possible without changes inside iOS or some intermediary device or service, and you have ruled the intermediaries out (iTunes on a computer and iCloud).

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    Thank you very much, that answered my question.

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    Hi amv2470,


    Markwmsn is correct.  Here's what I discovered after finally getting to see how these work together.  If you want to have things saved and shared, you must use iCloud.  I don't know how much storage your daughter has on her iCloud account.  It comes with 5GB free, which is a fair amount, but if she has tons and tons of music, photos, videos, apps, games, this will eat up that free 5GB.


    The iPad is essentially a large iPhone without the ability to make phone calls.  Therefore, just like the iPhone, the iPad doesn't have storage capability llike a computer hard drive to "back up the iPhone" to.  The iPad and iPhone basically have the same things on them.  When you are using iCloud, THAT is where your stuff is being stored.  When you turn on iCloud on your devices, basically they are mirroring / sharing the same view of what is actually housed in iCloud.


    If she had an Apple computer, it would be a different story, as she'd have the additional option of downloading her stuff from iCloud and keeping a copy of all of it in her hard drive on her computer.


    What I would suggest is that she go thru all her saved items and delete the stuff that's not really important to keep.  Here is one article I found on how to see what's using space and how to whittle it down.  If she has songs she bought with her Apple ID on iTunes she can delete those and recover space and have access to the songs via iTunes Match, etc.


    If it's still too much to house on iCloud, I am not sure if it is possible to download to an external hard drive for saving without going thru an actual computer with iTunes and iPhoto.  If not, maybe she could find a friend with a Mac that would let her use their computer to try? 


    Worse case, paying $2 per year for extra GB is not much at all.


    Hope this helps!

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