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     Ok, here's the deal.


     Late last summer, I finally bought a MacBook Pro.


     With the laptop came video editing software.


     With the software came a way to burn time while classes were out for summer.


     With the passing of time came a new hobby.


     With the hobby came much interest and intrigue.


     With the interest came research.


     With the research came the realization that audio quality (or the lack thereof) is one the most overlooked yet largest factors in the quality of a video.


     With the realization came my question and this thread.


     Is there anyway to use another source of audio input while recording HD video with an iPad/iPod? My iPad is what my friends and I use to shoot the raw footage (its a hobby that i've roped a few of my friends into), and when we make our next one here in a month or so I'd like to make the audio much higher quality than our last few. I haven't even mentioned this to them, it's more of a personal thing, wanting to make a high quality shoot.


     I'm able to drop a little bit of cash on some hardware, like a boom mic, cable, and some type of box that conjoins the iPad with the boom mic, but I'm a college student who is unable to drop half a grand + just on a camera, plus the audio hardware, plus software to process a different source for the audio and the video, so if that is my only option, then I wouldn't mind a response for future reference but for now I'm out of luck.


     If you've any experience using the high quality video capabilities of the 3rd gen iPad and altering the audio source for a higher quality film, I'd really appreciate any *usefull* feedback.


     Thank you in advance for any replies!

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    Ok, so I hope I don't get into trouble with the forum for giving myself an answer and a matching thumbs up, but I have found an answer.


    It is a hardware issue. If you look at a 3.5 mm audio jack, it has a brass (? I don't know my metals) stem with little rings that seperate the stem into segments. If I remember correctly: 1 ring/2 segments is a mono channel for sound, 2 rings/3 segments is a stereo effect (I may have them backwards, more segments enables each earbud to emit a different sound) and 3 rings/4 segments makes the fourth segment an INPUT instead of an OUTPUT for apple devices. I am not sure if only Apple products (mobile iOS devices specifically) need the fourth segment to read in. Like your microphone earbuds? Compare them to run of the mill dollar store ones and it will have that extra.


    So yes, better sound input when using an iOS device as your video recorder is possible, but you have to have the right gear.