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I had the ghosting issue on my 15" retina, plus a weird trail issue when dragging items across the screen.


I had the entire screen and logic board replaced.


I picked it up today and the white is now extremely warm, it looks dirty, similar sort of white to my old 2007 Macbook. Compared to my iPhone 5 it looks almost yellow. I compared it against my brothers and partners Macbook Pro's (non-retina). The white on both their laptops are much cleaner and brighter.


I wanted a great screen and thus why I purchased the retina Mackbook Pro but this is has been a nightmare.


To add to it, during the repair they have inadvertantly broken the trackpad. The left click works OK sometimes and then suddenly, it feels like it's stuck in, there's no 'click' when I push it.


I want to take it back in but being a freelancer, it costs me everytime. I'm thinking of just asking them to replace the unit, but I'm not sure I fancy my luck.


What do you guys think? Stick with it or try my luck asking for a replacement?



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    Take it back!!!! Also, I think I am having the same problem you were having...

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    I think I will take it in tomorrow. I feel like a dick, but it was so expensive, anything less than perfect and I know it will continue to bug me.


    The graphical glitches were in Chrome and Illustrator. For example if I dragged something across the screen, all the text and stuff repeats. Although that's still an issue now, so I'm wondering if it's an issue with Illustrator.


    But this yellow tint is really horrible, I feel like I'm on an old Mac with washed out colours.