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Hi there,


I am currently debating which mac to buy :/   I currently have a macbook pro retina 2013 and I love itttttt


This are the mac


1- MacPro Refourbished 2012 for 2145.00

2- iMac (new) 27" i7, Fusion Drive and 2GB Nvidia 680MX



The reason why I am not sure which one to get is because I am afraid that in a future I wont be able to upgrade the iMac but at the same time the MacPro 2012 is pretty old, it doesnt even has USB 3.0.


If I get the MacPro I will end up spending more money because I gonna need a display which cost 1000



So guys what do you think?????



Oh also the other reason I am thinking on getting the MacPro is because with the MBPR if I use bootcamp OMG  it really get HOTTTTT and I know that at least the mac pro has better cooling compare to the iMac...



Any Adviseee plssss

Reply by The hatter on Apr 20, 2013 4:39 PM Helpful

if you need it now... imac otherwise sit on fence for now.

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