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shelley99 Level 1 (5 points)

I have a DVD Studio Pro file that used to burn without a problem, but now it won't at all. I found all of the files necessary, but when I click the burn button, I get a warning:

The Build Location folder contains a VIDEO_TS folder(standard DVD content).  You must remove the VIDEO_TS folder from the Build Location in order to proceed with Build/Format of a HD DVD project.


I wouldn't know where to find this Build folder anyway. I am not sure what to do at this point.

Can anyone shed some light?

I have a 2010 2.66 GHz Macbook Pro Core i7


Final Cut Studio (2009), Mac OS X (10.7.2), 8 gig ram
  • BenB Level 6 (9,065 points)

    When you burn, the settings allow you to specify where the VIDEO_TS folder is writtien to.  You have one there that must be removed.  Look at the setting in DVDSP to find out where it is.

  • Ronnie Pudding Level 2 (415 points)

    Are you trying to build an HD DVD rather than a standard defintion DVD? I've never tried to build an HD DVD... does that format also use the VIDEO_TS structure?


    A simple alternative to finding and removing the troublesome VIDEO_TS folder is to select a new location for the build -- an empty folder on your desktop, in your documents folder, wherever.


    Or, if the contents and/or design of the disc hasn't changed since the last time you built it, find the current VIDEO_TS folder and use that to burn your disc rather than building it anew.

  • BenB Level 6 (9,065 points)

    HD DVD is a dead format, as Blu Ray has become the high def optical media standard.

    Blu Ray is extrememly expensive to commercially duplicate/replicate, also.

  • shelley99 Level 1 (5 points)

    OH, duh. I hadn't even noticed it said HD. I already went through all that trauma when I made it the first time and remade it as SD, but obviously never threw out the old version. Used the correct one and all is well. Thanks.