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I bough a Mac, its 4 months old, but i got a bunch of issues (mostly fisicay) in my MacBook Pro. My Mac isn't standar, i made it on the apple.com, its a 8 Ram memory, 1 Terabite Storage, 2.6 GHz, Hight definition Display (1050p). So, here are some of the issues. My mac has tiny little holes in the in the sides of the trackpad. The tracpad sometimes make noices, like if its not fully atached to the internal part, and it sounds then i push it to the internal part. My mac has a Spanish keyboard, and when I pass the finger trought a side of it ("ñ" and the "," Key) it pops out, but not fully, Its atached to one side so it stays in the keyboard. In the Disk Super Drive the little cotton things up and down, there is a small cut, like if i get a sissor and cut it. Some times when i open and close the display it makes sounds. I live from an other country. I dont live were i bough the Mac. I still have the waranty active, and i'm not shure if apple will change my computer because of this issues. Thanks.

iPod touch, iOS 6