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I have been having problems with the new ITunes ever since I downloaded it. Recently I purched a IPhone 5 and have been trying to synce it, which has never been my favorite thing to do. I have just noticed that one my my kids albums was lost in the cloud, Happy Feet 2 Delux. I looked on the Apple Support page and it said to make sure that the computer was and Authorized Computer, which I checked and it is. After I checked that I went back to the librery and noticed that the whole ablume was missing. I did a search or the songs, nothing. I searched for the album, nothing. I can not seem to find it anywhere. Am I going to have to go into ITunes and actually download it again, or is there a way to recover it in another way?? I have not been happy with the latest upgrade. I have not found it very "user friendly". Sorry for the bad feed back, but I do need the help.

Thank you

Jessica Walker

MacBook Air, iOS 6.1.3